Coring & Trimming Conveyors


Coring and trimming conveyors are where the product is prepared for beginning stages of production. Our coring and trimming lines are designed and manufactured with your specific product in mind with coring stations or trim stations or both. Coring stations can be ordered with any size coring tools and trim stations with any size cutting boards. Machines can be ordered complete with cull chutes and cull conveyors. All machines have an open frame sanitary friendly design and can be built with many different belt styles, widths, lengths and elevations.


• Sanitary friendly open frame design.
• All Support Structure and Food Contact Surfaces fabricated with AISI304 Stainless Steel.
• All Plastic is food grade and USDA approved.
• All gears, motors, and cabling are IP65 certified or better.
• Watershed Enclosure.