Hydro Wash & Dry System


Our Hydro Wash & Dry Machine is a complete inline wash and dry system used for fruits and vegetables. The product is placed by hand or machine on the infeed belt then enters the hydro tunnel that showers the product thoroughly. The water flows over the product and into a hydrosieve screen removing the fines and debris from the water before returning to the recirculating tank. After the product has been washed it travels across the suction manifold that pulls the moisture from the product while air curtains above help blow the remaining water off of the product, after this your product is ready for the next step in packaging. Machines can be customized to fit your needs, products and facilities.


• Sanitary friendly open frame design.
• All Support Structure and Food Contact Surfaces fabricated with AISI304 Stainless Steel.
• All Plastic is food grade and USDA approved.
• Watershed Enclosure.